Our Story


Creating a world where you can meet compatible people where and when you want


The buzz of meeting new friends that just get you, there’s nothing like it. It can happen anywhere, at uni, in a random hostel, at a nightclub – and often when we least expected it.


But while these opportunities used to feel endless, as time’s gone on we’ve found ourselves forced to work harder and harder to make compatible new mates.


Relocating to new cities away from friendship circles, the problems with our modern social climate became difficult to ignore. Forced to build a new community quickly and from scratch, it was really difficult to find our people; by the time we’d met friends who shared our interests and complemented our personalities, it was time to move on. 


Even in our home city - London - busy working lives were making socialising increasingly difficult. When we were off, our mate was on, when our mate was off, we were on. 


When the first lockdown came, sharing a flat and feeling socially isolated, we had time to think about how this was affecting us. We felt a need to make it easier to connect with people. But not just anyone, people that you were genuinely compatible with. 


So we started asking the question - what does it mean to be socially compatible with someone? Months of research later, with the help of our advisor Dr Kelly Campbell, a leading researcher in friendship chemistry, we had built the fethr compatibility algorithm in time for our beta launch in Sydney. 


With the pandemic still raging in Europe, Sydney was the perfect location for us to test our in-person meets. Featured as a ‘Startup to Watch’ on Aussie TV, it was empowering to see fethr creating compatible new friendships on the other side of the world. Among many other things, we learned that people were most likely to hit it off when our groups were limited to 4-6 people. 


So as we begin to see a return to normality after COVID-19, we’re ready to make socialising an easier process for Londoners far and wide. 


We’re not just going to help rebuild pre-pandemic social lives. We’re imagining a world where you can capture the experience of hitting it off with a compatible new friend, wherever you are, whenever it suits.


If you’re in London, we’ll see you this summer!


Julian, Gerardo and Miguel.